Why GOffee?

Making your way back to the office seems like enough of an ordeal these days. Even if you’re working from home, countless hours spent on Zoom eat up quality relaxation time. Why not have your favorite coffee brought to you?

may 4th

Getting a good cup of coffee shouldn’t be a hassle.

Getting your coffee delivered saves time as well as the headache of waiting in long, socially-distanced lines. Go on a walk with your cup in hand and spend your free time doing what you should– taking a break and taking a sip.


Time with others is precious

With less face-to-face interactions and in-person meetings, make the time you spend with others count. A warm welcome starts with a good cup of coffee for everyone. Take care of your friends and colleagues by ordering their favorite drinks. Everyone can share and enjoy without worrying about touching a machine, getting another temperature check, or waiting in line.

Why eco-friendly cups?

We believe in providing a convenient, safe and delicious cup of coffee, but we also want to do good for our planet. By choosing GOffee, thousands of single-use plastics are kept out of landfills and oceans. During these times of great change, we hope to change consumers’ mentalities and prove that convenience can be sustainable. And the best part? It’s so easy for you! Just gather your cups at the end of your meeting and let us know when to pick them up– we take care of the rest.

Cups thats keep your drink warm or cold for 4 hours

GOffee partners with premium roasters and coffee companies to offer a wide selection of flavor profiles and caffeinated drinks.

We strive to help you find your perfect flavor, bean, and roast. The combinations are endless, and your favorite drink is waiting to be discovered. Our wide variety of premium beans offers something for everyone. Explore the different flavor profiles to learn more about the stories behind the beans and what makes our drinks taste so good.

Try GOffee on us.