What’s with the Second Cup?

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Despite the increasing amount of at-home coffee technology and bean delivery, the first cup of coffee in the morning simply doesn’t cut it most times. People greet their coffee machines with bed-head  and baggy eyes in the morning, and most kitchens lack the traditional charm of the coffee shop. Nevertheless, people manage to make a lot of decent cups of coffee at home– and God knows we have enough mugs to go around. Even though it’s cheaper and sometimes quicker than buying coffee elsewhere, why do Americans make other stops to grab coffee many times throughout the day?

Social Allure

Working on projects with a team and chatting at the copy machine can help create meaningful professional relationships, but “catching up with coffee” allows employees to be more sociable with their colleagues as well. Coffee plays an integral role in work culture. A break at the coffee shop provides an avenue for informal conversations that no longer has to be about the job. It allows people to leave the office and build connections that could ultimately result in better productivity and a happier work environment. Additionally, meeting up with a friend before heading into work serves as a great way to maintain personal relationships without drastically rearranging schedules.

Lack of Supplies

Whether you have an old-school coffee pot or an expensive espresso machine, it’s seemingly impossible to recreate your favorite drink at home. The coffee shop can make far more than your average drip coffee. Whether you want to mix it up with a matcha drink, a latte, or a cold brew, well-trained baristas offer an endless amount of tasty combinations. Their machines are bigger and faster, their beans are artfully chosen, and their service remains quick and consistent (apart from the line, of course!) Coffee shops entice customers with irreplicable options and create drinks that many people never could from home.

Modern Day Smoke Break

When the office becomes draining and productivity starts to decline, people step out for a quick reset. Historically, smoke breaks took the edge off and allowed employees to clear their heads. In many ways, coffee has become the new cigarette. Heading out for coffee gives people time to themselves and the ability to recharge before returning to their desks.

Never Too Much Caffeine

Lastly, with fast-paced routines and work schedules, many people need multiple energy boosts to get them through the day. The first cup serves as the “wake-up call,” the second is a dependable “jumpstart.” And the cups that come next? Well, that number is up to you.

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