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Coffee fuels the United States, and 63% of American adults drink it daily. However, not everyone loves the taste, and there are other great specialty drinks to choose from. Our favorite non-coffee drinks at GOffee are matcha, turmeric, and chai lattes. 

The caffeine content of all of these drinks varies depending on the concentration and brewing method. Typically, these lattes are less caffeinated than a latte made with coffee, but they still offer great boosts of energy. 


Matcha Latte

specialty drinks matcha latteA matcha latte consists of matcha powder (made from the finely-ground leaves of certain green tea plants), water, and milk. If the matcha powder is unsweetened, the drink is often sweetened with honey or syrup. First, a few spoonfuls of matcha are blended with water to form a paste. Then, steamed milk is added, as it is with a normal latte. The highly-concentrated matcha “paste” is used instead of espresso, but otherwise, the ingredients are similar to what you would find in a latte with coffee


Turmeric Latte

coffee free turmeric latteThe main ingredient of this creamy and earthy-flavored beverage is turmeric. It gives the drink its color as well as its name, although it is sometimes also referred to as a “golden latte” or “golden milk.” This drink contains no coffee, but rather, a powdered spice derived from a turmeric plant. The spice made this latte popular due to its additional health benefits. To make it, simply top turmeric milk with milk foam. 


Chai Latte

The chai latte is hot, milky, fragrant, and gently spicy. However, despite the fact that it’s served in coffee shops and named after a latte, it also contains no coffee whatsoever. Chai is one of the world’s oldest tea-based drinks. A chai latte is made by mixing steamed milk with black tea that has been infused with spices. The drink is then topped with foam, and latte art is often added. 


Even if you are a coffee lover, give one of these a try to mix up your morning routine. You might be pleasantly surprised! Some of these can be more difficult to make at home, so let GOffee do the work for you and place an order for some specialty drinks today. 


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