New Partnership with Chocolate Fish

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We are excited to announce our new partnership with Chocolate Fish!

Partner Since: April 2021

History and Awards

Founded in 2008, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters has a rich history and rich coffee to go with it. After moving to the states in 2004, owners Andy and Edie Baker decided to bring a little piece of their home in New Zealand with them. A chocolate fish is a fish-shaped confection given out in New Zealand as a “thank you” for a good deed. 

The coffee culture in New Zealand inspired the Chocolate Fish brand, beans, and shops. There, people drink coffee multiple times a day as a social activity and primarily have espresso drinks. The Chocolate Fish successfully brings the sweetness and sociability aspect of coffee in New Zealand to the dark-roasted, fast-paced version of American coffee culture.

Their coffee has won multiple awards in competitions. These noteworthy awards include the Good Food Awards and the Golden Bean, placing second (out of 1000+ entries) in 2017. You can currently find their coffee shops in Sacramento, California, but don’t worry! We are now bringing Chocolate Fish across the country and into your cup in New York.

Supply Chain and Company Values

In addition to the amazing taste of their coffee, Chocolate Fish sources its beans from excellent farmers. They have strong relationships with these farms in countries like Guatemala and Brazil. Furthermore, the Chocolate Fish team has sponsored fundraisers and supported a multitude of social projects that benefit the farms’ local communities. Talk about a good cup of coffee!

Chocolate Fish strives to make coffee accessible. They recognize that trying and purchasing coffee can be quite intimidating for newcomers, so their baristas are highly trained to provide a pleasant and inclusive experience. Ultimately, their goal is to make everyone feel comfortable about choosing coffee. Their flavor chart guides customers through the selection process and makes it easy for everyone to find a coffee they truly love. They recognize the value of educating people in a friendly way. 

Chocolate Fish x GOffee Partnership

chocolate fish partners with goffee We asked Andy Baker what he is most excited about in regard to this partnership, and he is quite delighted to work with us! Similar to his team at Chocolate Fish, he loves working with people who think outside the box. Andy was complimentary of GOffee’s adaptability during the pandemic, and he is eager to get his brand into the NYC market. 

Try a little piece of sunny California in your next cup of coffee, and order Chocolate Fish! We have been loving their Koru espresso and know you will too! Koru is a Maori word meaning new beginnings and life. We hope you find your new favorite coffee after trying it. This award-winning espresso boasts a semi-sweet, dark chocolate flavor with subtle notes of caramel and orange. It tastes wonderful as a latte, but you can customize it to your liking as well. We are so excited to grow with Chocolate Fish and unite our companies from coast to coast! 

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