Meet Coumba Ndao Ba: New CEO of GOffee

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On January 4th, Coumba Ndao Ba was named CEO of GOffee. She recently transitioned away from her role of VP of Sales and Operations in order to take on a greater leadership role in the company.

Abby: What was your career like before joining the GOffee team in September of 2019?

Coumba: I was born and raised in France where I garnered over twelve years of professional sales experience in fields such as conferencing services, IT, and digital marketing. I worked at companies like Social Blue, Tradedoubler, and PGI France, and it was there where I learned how to build successful businesses from the ground up. 

Abby: What skills do you possess that make you an effective leader?

Coumba: My diverse skill set allows me to effectively manage projects and people, oversee highly successful sales teams, and find creative solutions to complex issues. Leading with compelling interpersonal skills, I consistently ensure satisfaction amongst customers and partners that I work with. 

Abby: What do you enjoy most about working on the GOffee team? 

Coumba: I have really loved my time with the GOffee team thus far, but I like the challenge, of course. Arriving in New York City to help build the business from scratch was not easy. I was in an unfamiliar country and had to juggle many new orders, clients, and increasing popularity within the industry. Despite dealing with the struggles of a global pandemic, I have still found ways to help grow the company with innovative business strategies.  

Abby: What are some goals that you hope to achieve in your new role?

Coumba: I like to dream big. I have aspirations to make GOffee an international company after opening new locations in major cities around the US and North America. I strongly believe in the uniqueness of GOffee’s business offering, and I even think it could be “the new Uber of coffee.”


With Coumba as CEO, the future of the company is bright. Her patience and perseverance paired with her entrepreneurial spirit promise great success for GOffee. 

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