What is a Latte? – Menu Explained

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A latte is a staple of American coffee culture, but have you ever found yourself wondering, “What is a latte? How is it made?” If so, you’re not alone, and we’re here to teach you about it!


Hot Latte

What is a latte?

A latte is a hot coffee beverage that is created by combining espresso with steamed milk and milk foam. A latte begins with a shot of espresso (or more than that if you’re extra tired!). The shot is then paired with steamed milk to create a creamy smooth coffee beverage that has a delicate flavor. 

Lastly, a latte is topped off with a thin layer of milk foam. This is where the “latte art” comes in! Designs are made as the barista adds the foam in a specific manner. In many ways, a latte is very similar to a cappuccino, but a latte has more steamed milk and only a little milk foam instead.


Iced Latte

So if that’s how a hot latte is made, you must now be wondering how to make an iced latte. Repeat those steps and throw it on ice– right? Sadly, no. Although they are similar drinks, an iced latte is made a little differently in order to keep a strong flavor without being watered-down. 

Yes, an iced latte is still the cold version of a regular latte. It is a combination of hot espresso, cold milk, and ice. 

Start by making the preferred amounts of espresso shots, and pour them in a large glass. Unlike with the hot latte, the milk you add next needs to be cold, and it is not frothed or steamed in any way. Then add the ice! Because the coffee is cold and the milk is cold, this results in less caramel notes in the coffee and more ‘fatty’ or sweet notes, due to the milk, instead.


We hope that information helped answer your question! If you already had your fair share of latte fails from home, give it another try. Or, order your next latte from GOffee– we’ll make it right every time!

Follow along in the next few weeks to see how all of the drinks on our menu are made. You might discover a new favorite!

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