How GOffee works

Thanks to GOffee, finding a coffee solution for your office just got a lot easier! 

  • Each employee chooses their favorite drink
  • 25+ brands to choose from
  • Reusable eco-friendly cups
  • Delivered every morning to their desk
  • An affordable (all inclusive) office membership

1. Your employees

Each of your employees enjoys something specific so with us they register on GOffee either on our website or via our mobile app by entering a dedicated company code and then they tell us about their favorite drink, brands, milk preference and any other customization options (extra shot, sugar, etc).

Nope! Each employee creates their profile and order directly on our site and mobile app, using the link and company code provided by our sales team.

Yes. Once employees place an order, that order is saved and we’ll deliver the same drink each day. Each employee can edit or cancel their drink order for the upcoming day anytime before 7 am.

Each of GOffee’s delivery crew is an employee of the company and fully insured. If needed will work with your building to put a COI in place. So feel free to mention it when signing up and we will put the paperwork in place

2. the orders

Each morning our baristas review your employees’ orders and make them in our production center to your employees specification! It’s like having a barista on staff, without the noise and the mess.

Each drink is poured into our eco-friendly cup with a name tag on it. Those cups have special powers: not only do they keep drinks hot or cold for 2 hours but they also save the planet!!  

The cutoff time for placing, editing, or canceling an order is 7:00 AM. Each employee can update their order up to 1h before the cutoff time!

Yes, our team of baristas are here to make each drink to your liking. We offer a lot of options but if you feel that we are missing a roaster, drinks or milk options…please reach out at

We only allow one drink per employee per day at this point.

3. to your office

Once the baristas have made each drink of choice for your employees, they grab one our delivery backpacks and head over to your office. We aim to deliver each morning at the same agreed upon time to create a true team moment where everyone gets their favorite drink and gets to connect with each other. Each barista/delivery is a GOffee employee so if you have any feedback feel free to share, you will get to see the same face every day 🙂

Today we are making delivery from 8 am till 11 am

Once your employees are done with their drinks, collect them by the kitchen or front desk and we will pick them up at the next delivery.

No need, we will clean, sanitize and reuse them allowing GOffee to be the first coffee solution with Zero waste!! Take that cardboard cups.