How GOffee Works

Thanks to GOffee, getting a Latte Cappuccino Matcha Cold Brew Drip

just got a lot easier! 

1. A simple way to order

Everyone enjoys something specific, so with GOffee, anyone can register on our website, or via our mobile app, and customize their favorite drink, brand, milk, and any other options (extra shot, sugar, etc.).

Nope! GOffee creates a dedicated ordering link that can be shared to your team, tenants or group.

Each of them will be able to choose and order their own favorite drinks.

If you’re feeling generous and want to pay for everyone order, work with your GOffee representative to create a coupon code.

Yes. Each member of GOffee’s delivery crew is an employee of the company, fully vaccinated and  insured. If needed, we’ll work with your building to put a COI in place. Just mention it when signing up, and we will put the paperwork in place.

Today we focus on delivering Tea, Coffee and other drinks. Soon we will add other items like coffee beans, cookies, bars etc

2. We prepare the orders

Each morning, our baristas review your order and make each drink in our GOffee lab according to everyone’s specifications! It’s like having a barista on staff, without the noise and the mess.

Each drink is poured into one of our eco-friendly cups with a name tag on it. Those cups have special powers: not only do they keep drinks hot or cold for 3 hours, but they also save the planet!  

You have until 7 AM on the day of the scheduled order to edit or cancel your order.

Yes, our team of baristas is here to make each drink to your liking. We offer a lot of options, but if you feel that we are missing your favorite roaster, drink or milk, please reach out at

We deliver up to 375 drinks per delivery. For more, it’s better to speak with our team at

3. We deliver to your location

Once the baristas have made each drink for your order, they grab one of our delivery backpacks and head over to your location. We aim to deliver on time or early every time and facilitate a moment where everyone gets their favorite drink and gets to connect with each other. Each barista/delivery crew member is a GOffee employee, so if you have any feedback, feel free to share!

Depending on the zone your delivery zone is on (see here to learn about zones) we are making deliveries from 7 am till 2pm, Monday through Friday.

Once you are done with your drinks, bring the cups back to our GOffee box, and we will pick them up at the next delivery.

No need. We will clean, sanitize and reuse them, making GOffee the first coffee solution with zero waste! Take that, cardboard cups.