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Living in New York is a one of a kind of experience. Our days always run long and our mornings always come knocking a bit too early. To support this lifestyle, on average we consume nearly seven times more coffee than anyone else in the world. Coffee gives us the energy and acuity to do what we do best, get things done. You may be turning coffee shop fanatic, due to the ubiquitous supply of great cafes all across the city. But ask yourself this, when you drain the last drop from that virtuous paper cup and toss it away, where does it really land? We all may be guilty of this, but most likely…in the trash.

Despite the growing concern for our planet, we produce an unbelievable amount of trash. A whopping 91% of our plastic does not get recycled and is left to permanently clog the arteries of our planet. Even when coffee shops encourage customers to recycle, it’s often times ineffective. Many paper cups are non-recyclable due to their plastic lining, which is intended to make them leak proof. It’s high time businesses take a stand and find ecologically conscious solutions to problems like this, and help combat the billions of non-reusable waste products they produce annually.

Even with incentives put in place for customers who bring their own cup, only 1-2% of coffee drinkers actually capitalize on them. In a city rich in coffee shops and driven individuals, GOffee is combating this wasteful system in a way that is intuitive and still eco-friendly. Every single day at GOffee we deliver artisanal coffee to offices across the city, where wasteful coffee cups are vastly proliferated and discarded. We’ve actually delivered more than 50,000 cups since the inception of our business. The coffee is delivered in uniquely designed cups that are collected and reused. With a wide selection of coffees and teas, both hot and cold, the endless curiosity of New York City consumers can be satiated without filling trash bins with wasteful paper cups.

GOffee is combating waste reduction with minimal effort required from the consumer, reducing individual annual waste by around 13 pounds without compromising one’s daily routine. Using the GOffee coffee delivery service also saves employees about 12 minutes on average in the morning, and gives offices the opportunity to show employees that conscious care was put into making their day positive and productive. Little things in our life, while seemingly insignificant to us, have a huge impact on the world at large.

By making small changes, like reducing the amount of trash you produce, you too can do your part in helping to protect our planet. Now head over to your HR department or office manager and ask them…

When will we be getting GOffee in our office?

By Dawn Andersen

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