GOffee cup cleaning process

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your GOffee cup when you’re done with your drink? Your GOffee barista picks it up and brings it back to our production center where then the cleaning magic begins:

1. Pre-wash

Your GOffee barista dons a pair of gloves and cleans and sanitizes the sink before beginning the washing process. Cups are then emptied separated from lids. Cup brushes and special lid cleaning brushes (never sponges) are then used to remove any coffee residue before the wash cycle.

2. Wash & Sanitize

Next, cups and lids are rinsed and washed separately in our commercial-grade dishwashers at extremely high temperatures. The FDA recommends using water at 140°F. GOffee’s machines go up to 200°F to ensure complete sanitation. As cups are being unloaded, our team pays careful attention to each cup and lid to check for any coffee or soap residue.

3. Drying

Once the cups and lids have been thoroughly sanitized and passed quality control inspection, they are dried under bacteria-zapping UV lights to keep them germ-free until they are ready to be reused.

Ready to go!

From the washing and sanitation of our cups to the preparation and delivery of our drinks, GOffee baristas go above and beyond established food preparation guidelines. Our drinks are delivered on foot in sealed food delivery bags that are sanitized after each use and our GObaristas never handle drinks with their bare hands. You can rest at ease knowing that your GOffee cup is clean and germ-free so you can skip the crowded coffee shop and let GOffee deliver your personalized drink.

Did you know?

NYC alone produces over 135,000 pounds of waste daily from coffee takeout cups. And that doesn’t include the lids, cartons, stirrers, etc. By delivering drinks in our eco-friendly cups, we are helping save the city from the waste generated by single-use plastics. To date, our eco-friendly cups have prevented over 18,600 pounds of to-go cup waste!


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Sadly after 4 years of operations, GOffee delivered it last cup of Coffee on march 1rst 2022.

We wanted to thank you all for all support and business.

For our investors: please reach out to Startengine with your account information

they can recommend the best practice to submit your investment as a loss for your Tax return.

All the best to you all,

Vincent and GOffee team