Mister Robot, the new barista!

In San Francisco, a new type of coffee shop has opened. Not as hipster as the reserve Starbucks, and way more tech than order ahead, Cafe X is bringing a Robot barista to the Mall. 

It creates a $25,000 coffee machine, that use a robotic arm to make and distribute your coffee. As I went to try my luck with a cappuccino, I had suddenly a flash back of ordering my first coffee as an intern at the coffee machine in Yahoo. Everyone seemed to knew what they were doing and were so quick and efficient that I just ended copying the gesture of the guy in front of me and got the worst black coffee.

I did a similar thing at Cafe X, pretending that i knew what i was doing but ended up with a cappuccino as I wanted. 

I can't say that the taste will stay with me forever and that the experience will marked me forever (I did find the robot waving at you at the quite funny) but it was good to see some innovation in a sector that hasn't in a while.

Your GOffee fan from SF

vincent meyer