Frequently Asked Questions

When you create your group order you can decide to order drinks for everyone or you can send them a link so they can choose their drink themselves.

GOffee allows you to either purchase everyone’s orders (Paid) or to let everyone buy their own drinks in your order (Shared)

Depending on the delivery location, GOffee needs more time to process, make and deliver your order. 

We currently allow orders up to 7AM for same day delivery in Zone 1.

You can cancel your order by contacting us at up to 2h before your order is supposed to be delivered.

Once you are done with your order, collect the empty cups and put them back in the box they were delivered to. Scan the QR code and we will know that we can come by and pick them up. No mess, no cleaning while being n1 for the environment.

No, you don’t need to clean the cups, we have a specific solution to clean and sanitize the cups (see here)

Goffee employs his own delivery team and can provide COI for any recurring deliveries.

Yes, we offer packaging that allows us to leave our drinks at your doorstep. Just mention it at the end of your order or contact us at

We are always trying to add new drinks recipes. If you have a special recommendation, please email us

We are always trying to add more providers. If you have a special recommendation, please email us

All our coffee are brewed at 205 degrees and pour into our specially designed cups that can hold the temperature for up to 3 hours

Please share it, our baristas always want to follow your specific taste and will go above and beyond to make your drink to your taste preferences. If they can they will let you know and offer a recommended substitute

Yes please, we love referrals, please send our site or directly intro our brillant sales team by ccing them to your referral (

We currently only operate in Manhattan, see our delivery zones here

We are working on adding some food options to our ordering platform. Stay tuned for more news on that front?

Enjoy your first week of GOffee on us.