Employee Appreciation Starts with the Right Perks

Employee appreciation

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We’ve all heard about the various perks offices use to show their employee appreciation. Big names like Google and Facebook often come to mind for their fun office spaces with seemingly unlimited perks. From snacks to catered lunches, in-office massages, doggie daycares and nap pods, the lengths that companies will go to for their employees continues to increase. And for good reason.

In today’s competitive job market, employee appreciation is a must for not only recruiting top talent but also retaining current employees. A recent industry study reported that 48% of employees weigh innovative company benefits and perks in their decision to find their next job (Snacknation, 2018).

While Silicon Valley companies compete in a massive-scale perks-off battle to attract top talent, other offices offer more modest perks. In both cases, however, many of these perks are underutilized.

Why traditional office perks don’t work

Traditional perks are often a one-size-fits-all experience that don’t take into account the preferences of each employee. Catered lunches, for example, don’t always account for dietary and taste preferences. Happy hours may not appeal to those with families or who would rather go out with friends. Other perks such as student loan forgiveness programs won’t apply to everyone.

Because many perks are generic in nature and don’t take the diversity of the staff into account, they often don’t please everyone, are underutilized, and fall flat of actually leaving employees feeling appreciated.

How to choose the right perks

Today’s employees want to feel personally appreciated. The best perks should deliver a personalized experience and take into account the tastes of each employee. Perks that can include each team member’s preferences, that create a team bonding environment, and boost productivity will be the most effective.

Perks employees really want

For most, a great morning and a productive day starts with a cup of coffee. While many offices provide basic black coffee or pods, office coffee is notoriously bad. Because of this, 72% of employees chose to go out to buy coffee that suits their taste. For employees, their daily coffee run costs them over $1,000 a month and on average 12 minutes per day wasted standing in line. For employers, this results in over 52 hours of lost work time per employee per year.

GOffee offers an alternative. We make your employees happier and more energized by consistently delivering their personalized coffee every morning in eco-friendly cups. This is a win-win situation for both employees and employers alike. Employees save time and money while offices benefit from increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Ready to add a truly meaningful and beneficial perk to your office to show your employees appreciation? Click here to try GOffee on us!

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