Drip and Iced Coffee – Menu Explained

drip and iced coffee

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Today’s menu feature showcases two classics: drip and iced coffee. Whether you are at a gourmet coffeehouse or at a gas station on a road trip, you can always find drip and iced coffee wherever you go. 

These two beverages are staples, so much so that you might not realize how exactly they are made. Keep reading to learn more!


Drip Coffee

drip and iced coffee

The drip method remains one of the most common household ways to prepare coffee. Drip coffee has been brewed with hot water and ground coffee, directly through a filter. The coffee is strained through the filter, and it drips into an empty pot, hence the name ‘drip coffee.’ The filter makes this cup “clean” without any remaining coffee grounds, and it still boasts a strong flavor. This drink represents a blank slate in the coffee world, and you can personalize it in so many different ways. 


Iced Coffee

Unlike cold brew, iced coffee starts out as hot drip coffee that is combined with ice to cool it down. Typically, this drink is prepared with a higher espresso content. Making an iced coffee more strongly is appropriate because the heat of the drink will melt the ice cubes and water down the beverage. This technique maintains the crisp coffee flavor.

This classic drink can be customized in many different ways to make it unique! Feel free to add a little bit of your favorite milk, creamer, or sweeteners. Or, to skip the extra calories, keep it black and taste the bold flavor.


Everyone loves a classic, so order your next drip or iced coffee tomorrow and pick your favorite coffee bean. But, if you are looking to spice up your coffee order, try one of our specialty drinks, cappuccinos, or lattes.

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