What is a Cappuccino? – Menu Explained

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A cappuccino is a popular staple of American coffee culture, but do you really know how it’s made? Have you ever hesitated to order one because you didn’t know what was in it? We’re here to help– it’s pretty simple!


Serve It Hot

In its most popular form, a cappuccino is a hot, frothy drink with a creamy top, milky middle, and full-bodied brew at the bottom. Made with ⅓ espresso, ⅓ steamed milk, and ⅓ frothed milk, this classic espresso drink is delicious. 

Espresso shot steamed milk 1. Start with a single shot of espresso of your coffee of choice. 

2. Then steam your milk of choice before layering it on top.

3. Lastly, top it off with some frothed milk, and voila! A perfect cappuccino.

Order this drink if you want a bolder coffee flavor compared to a milkier latte. Typically, a cappuccino is smaller in size compared to a latte and has a thicker layer of foam on top. If you want to learn more about the differences, check out our other article about lattes


Try an Iced Cappuccino

Although it isn’t quite as common of an order, some people still enjoy an iced cappuccino. However, you can’t simply pour a hot one over ice and expect the same, tasty results. 

Similar to a hot one, an iced cappuccino is a combination of ⅓ espresso, ⅓ cold milk, and ⅓ milk foam on top. Instead of pouring a hot drink over ice, start with coffee and milk that are cold from the beginning. This technique maintains the signature strong espresso flavor.


Try to make this drink at home if you have the confidence and the right tools (and time!). If not, you can always count on GOffee to make you a splendid cappuccino made from your favorite coffee! Stay tuned for the rest of our ‘Menu Explained’ series to learn about different drinks!

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