How to Get the Right People Into Your Team

When it comes to work, goodbyes can be painful and costly. It takes money to hire and train new staff, on top of the hours of productivity lost covering for people who leave. This is especially concerning since US labor separation rates rose to 57.3% in 2020. Plenty of companies were forced to sacrifice time, […]

The Importance of Sustainable Takeout

  It’s an understatement to say that America’s plastic problem has reached worrying levels. In fact, it’s gotten so terrible that we’ve started naming the garbage patches in our oceans, formed by the debris, microplastics, and the litter of human activity. A major contributor to the destruction of the environment is the $83.92 billion US chain restaurant industry with […]

New GOffee Partner: Dare Greatly Coffee Company

GOffee Partner: Dare Greatly Coffee Company Partner Since: 2019 Founded in 2018, Dare Greatly Coffee Company may be new on the scene, but the name is rooted in deep history. The company’s founder Dan Kirtley has always been inspired by Theodore Roosevelts “The Man in the Arena” quote from his famous “Citizenship in a Republic” […]

Fancy coffee becomes a must-have office perk

High street café culture means that staff expect barista-made lattes at work A few months ago, Matlind Ruka was serving cappuccinos and flat whites in the café at Kenwood House, the 17th century former residence to the Earls of Mansfield. Today, he is an in-house barista making free coffee for fellow employees at Zava, an […]

Think Coffee Partners With GOffee

GOffee, the eco-friendly, B2B coffee and tea delivery service, today announced that the company has partnered with Think Coffee, a company that sources, roasts and serves the best coffee possible. With 11 locations in NYC, Think Coffee fans whose employers are engaged with GOffee can now skip the line and get morning coffee delivered right […]

1 Year Birthday!

If you are an investor, partner, or coffee drinker you’ll be happy to know that GOffee is now one year old. We are so excited to be celebrating this important milestone in the growth of our business. Our StartEngine page continues to be a strong fundraising tool to help fuel growth. To date, we have […]

GOffee the Good Coffee Company!

Living in New York is a one of a kind of experience. Our days always run long and our mornings always come knocking a bit too early. To support this lifestyle, on average we consume nearly seven times more coffee than anyone else in the world. Coffee gives us the energy and acuity to do […]

Update On StartEngine – Investors are Excited

As many of you know. GOffee is the first coffee company to deliver the same drink one would order from his/her favorite coffee shops right to their desk at work. Our exciting new venture offers companies a low-cost yet powerful way to keep employees happier, engaged and more productive! In less than a year we […]

The Uber of Coffee

In the age of delivery where convenience and efficiency reign supreme, most morning beverage runs are still stuck in the past: with long lines and added confusion from mobile orders being prepared alongside in-person purchases. A new service called Goffee (like “go-coffee”) combines on-demand delivery with third-party curation to create a morning-coffee subscription service for […]