Should a Robot Make Your Coffee?

Beijing Orion Star Technology Co. recently announced its newest creation: a humanoid robotic barista with master-level brewing techniques. Boasting cameras, six-axis robotic arms, self-adjusting grasping claws, and a multitude of safety features, the Robotic Coffee Master creates flawless drinks with personalized functionality. With tens of thousands of learning hours under its belt, this technology is … Read moreShould a Robot Make Your Coffee?

What’s with the Second Cup?

Despite the increasing amount of at-home coffee technology and bean delivery, the first cup of coffee in the morning simply doesn’t cut it most times. People greet their coffee machines with bed-head and baggy eyes in the morning, and most kitchens lack the traditional charm of the coffee shop. Nevertheless, people manage to make a lot of … Read moreWhat’s with the Second Cup?

Swapping Google Hangouts for the Real Thing

It’s no secret that COVID-19 hit the United States especially hard and continues to wreak havoc on what’s left of familiar social practices. Masks now cover our friendly smiles in public, standing in someone’s six feet bubble prompts discomfort, and daily walks seem like a vacation. Home quickly transformed into the office, the gym, daycare, … Read moreSwapping Google Hangouts for the Real Thing

Can Convenience Be Sustainable?

While many countries view coffee as a means to slow down, relax, and socialize with one another, the United States’ coffee culture rings entirely different. Lines remain long and drive-thrus stay packed as millions of Americans frantically caffeinate during their morning commutes. Coffee fuels the working population. In many ways, it impacts productivity, morale, and … Read moreCan Convenience Be Sustainable?

COVID vs. Caffeine: How Coronavirus Is Changing the Way Americans Get Their Coffee

As companies begin to reopen amidst a global pandemic, the coffee industry must quickly adapt to a new normal. Cafes that once housed long lines and packed seats now grapple with the realities (and requirements) of clean, contactless, and socially distanced service. Smaller coffee shops can only accommodate a few customers at a time, and … Read moreCOVID vs. Caffeine: How Coronavirus Is Changing the Way Americans Get Their Coffee