Specialty Drinks – Menu Explained

Coffee fuels the United States, and 63% of American adults drink it daily. However, not everyone loves the taste, and there are other great specialty drinks to choose from. Our favorite non-coffee drinks at GOffee are matcha, turmeric, and chai lattes.  The caffeine content of all of these drinks varies depending on the concentration and […]

What is an Americano? – Menu Explained

what is an americano

With origins dating back to WWII, an Americano was originally created by Italians. They tried to mimic Americans’ “filter coffee” for soldiers who were overseas. Now, many decades later, an Americano is one of the most popular drinks in the United States.    It’s simple and beautiful. But do you know how it’s made? What […]

What is a Cappuccino? – Menu Explained

A cappuccino is a popular staple of American coffee culture, but do you really know how it’s made? Have you ever hesitated to order one because you didn’t know what was in it? We’re here to help– it’s pretty simple!   Serve It Hot In its most popular form, a cappuccino is a hot, frothy […]

What is a Latte? – Menu Explained

A latte is a staple of American coffee culture, but have you ever found yourself wondering, “What is a latte? How is it made?” If so, you’re not alone, and we’re here to teach you about it!   Hot Latte A latte is a hot coffee beverage that is created by combining espresso with steamed […]

FACC-NY Member Recognition Award: CEO Coumba Ndao Ba

2021 Member Recognition Awards Recognize Impactful Initiatives in the Network May 19th, 2021 View original post from French American Chamber of Commerce here. The 2021 Member Recognition Awards presented alongside the 2021 Board Election during FACC-NY’s 2021 Annual Member Meeting recognize individuals & companies in the network that went above and beyond throughout the COVID-19 […]

Newest GOffee Partner: Little Waves

newest goffee partner: little waves

We are excited to announce the newest GOffee Partner: Little Waves! Partner: Little Waves Coffee Roasters Partner Since: April 2021 Areli Barrera Grodski and Leon Grodski Barrera founded Cocoa Cinnamon in their mom’s kitchen in 2010. In 2017, Little Waves Coffee Roasters was born as the roasting and wholesale arm accompanying Cocoa Cinnamon. This Latina […]

New Partnership with Chocolate Fish

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Chocolate Fish! Partner Since: April 2021 History and Awards Founded in 2008, Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters has a rich history and rich coffee to go with it. After moving to the states in 2004, owners Andy and Edie Baker decided to bring a little piece of […]

Exciting Partnership with Sweetleaf

GOffee Partner: Sweetleaf Partner Since: February 2021 We are happy to announce our new and exciting partnership with Sweetleaf! Founded in 2008, Sweetleaf has been an integral part of New York City’s coffee scene. At Sweetleaf, they strongly believe that coffee is more than just something to drink in the mornings– it’s an experience. These […]

Newest Partner: Abbotsford Road

GOffee Partner: Abbotsford Road Partner Since: 2021 Abbotsford Road has been roasting amazing coffee in New York City since 2002, and they’re pretty good at it if you ask us. Their signature slogan, “Coffee worth coming back for,” describes their coffee perfectly. We tried it for ourselves… and definitely agree. With such great experience in […]

Meet Coumba Ndao Ba: New CEO of GOffee

On January 4th, Coumba Ndao Ba was named CEO of GOffee. She recently transitioned away from her role of VP of Sales and Operations in order to take on a greater leadership role in the company. Abby: What was your career like before joining the GOffee team in September of 2019? Coumba: I was born […]