About Goffee

GOffee is the first Ghost Coffee Shop chain, since 2018 GOffee allowed New Yorkers to get their favorite drink, delivered straight to their desk or home in a contactless and eco-friendly way!


GOffee was started for the love of cappuccino and the hate of waiting in line. Since early 2018, the team decided to fix the broken coffee shop experience. No more waiting in line, coffee comes to you, no more single use cups, drink is delivered in an eco friendly cup. GOffee started as an office perks but with the pandemic adapted his model to serve the residential communities in Manhattan in a safe and contactless way. Today GOffee operates a network of Ghost Coffee shops across the city and has delivered over 90,000 cups of coffee, which prevented over 21,000 pounds of waste and counting.


Everyone at GOffee shares the same passion for coffee,  amazing customer service, and great execution. We have a very diverse background and proud of what we are accomplishing together here. Just like a cappuccino, we blend perfectly the beans, water, milk and yes sometimes sugar to make it the perfect combo. If you want to join our team to check our career page, we are always looking for a new addition! 

GOffee exists to solve the bad coffee experience. We have been putting smiles on the faces of those attending the all hands morning meetings, Board meetings, birthday celebrations and changing Mondays because everything is just better with your favorite coffee in hand. Don’t take our word for it, hear from the companies and coffee lovers that have been enjoying GOffee since we started in 2018


At GOffee we understand that each of us enjoys our own flavor profile and our baristas are here to make your coffee just the way you like it every morning. We have partnered with coffee roasters to create your favorite drink and maybe temp you to discover new ones. Just like wine, there is a very long list of similar tastes that you could be experimenting with and our team will be happy to recommend new ideas! If you don’t see what you usually like, send us a note at support@goffeeshop.com

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