The Importance of Sustainable Takeout

  It’s an understatement to say that America’s plastic problem has reached worrying levels. In fact, it’s gotten so terrible that we’ve started naming the garbage patches in our oceans, formed by the debris, microplastics, and the litter of human activity. A major contributor to the destruction of the environment is the $83.92 billion US chain restaurant industry with […]

Meet Coumba Ndao Ba: New CEO of GOffee

On January 4th, Coumba Ndao Ba was named CEO of GOffee. She recently transitioned away from her role of VP of Sales and Operations in order to take on a greater leadership role in the company. Abby: What was your career like before joining the GOffee team in September of 2019? Coumba: I was born […]

Happy New Year: A 2020 Recap

Even though our world faced many daunting challenges in 2020, the GOffee team found creative ways to adapt, and we are jumping into 2021 with exciting plans for the new year.   Growth in the Residential Sector When offices initially closed last March and employees began to work from home, we shifted away from our old […]