Happy National Coffee Day!!! GOffee Re-Opens

September 29th, 2020

Midtown, New York

As NYC emerges from the summer and deals with a unique back to school situation, GOffee is excited to share its latest progress in its fight to provide the best cup of coffee, delivered in an eco-friendly cup. 

Since 2018, GOffee has offered a coffee delivery service to offices in the midtown area. With a cost-effective monthly membership, companies can offer employees their favorite cup of coffee delivered to their desks every morning.

As COVID changed the office dynamic and people began working from home, GOffee decided to adapt its service and offer more flexibility starting today:

  1. GOffee now offers on-demand and scheduled delivery via its ordering platform. Customers can now order drinks for themselves and their team. Customers can then share a group order link, which allows multiple people to participate in the ordering process simultaneously. The checkout can be handled by the host or the customers, and everyone can track the order via the GOffee platform.
  2. GOffee is expanding its delivery operations from Midtown to Chelsea, Soho, Hudson Yards, Tribeca, Financial District, East Village, and Gramercy.
  3. GOffee is also rolling out a residential delivery program in Q4, allowing buildings to offer personalized coffee delivery as an amenity for their tenants.

With these new changes, GOffee will continue to offer contactless delivery options and pick up empty coffee cups, continuing its mission to be the first zero-waste coffee company. To date, GOffee has prevented 35,000 pounds of waste from entering landfills.


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