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If you are an investor, partner, or coffee drinker you’ll be happy to know that GOffee is now one year old. We are so excited to be celebrating this important milestone in the growth of our business.

Our StartEngine page continues to be a strong fundraising tool to help fuel growth. To date, we have raised $505K, with 1002 total investors, and 51 days left in our campaign. Thanks to all of our recent investors, we’re so glad you joined our company and this amazing journey. Know someone who wants to get on the cutting edge of coffee delivery? Point them to the StartEngine page and get them on the bandwagon.

Our team is putting the funds raised to good use! We’ve got eight new companies testing our service and we’re adding two new team members. Expect to hear some news soon about the opening of a new coffee making facility, which will allow us to expand our service across Manhattan.

We’re also sticking to our eco-friendly brand promise. Our reusable cups are a hit with the people that we serve each day. Together we have already saved more than 14,000 pounds of waste with our cups.

Thanks for everything you’ve done to get us to year 1! We are looking forward to many, many more.

The GOffee team!

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