Your favorite cup, delivered.

New York’s #1 choice for eco-friendly office coffee delivery

Keeping everyone happy in your office can be extremely challenging at times.

Especially when it comes to finding the perfect coffee solution. Too many tastes to please, too many options to choose from, fluctuating prices…

This was true, until GOffee:

  • Each employee chooses their favorite drink (cappuccino, latte, cold brew, tea, matcha)
  • 25+ brands to choose from
  • Reusable eco-friendly cups
  • Delivered every morning to their desk
  • An affordable monthly membership with no long term commitment

I'm an office manager

Managing an office has you running in many directions. Keeping everyone happy can be challenging at times…

I’m an employee

Why do you need to re-explain your order every day? Why suffer the stress of waiting on-line every morning?

I’m a partner

GOffee partners with premium roasters and coffee companies to offer a wide selection of flavor profiles and caffeinated drinks…

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